The competition to help us curate the first ever official collection of Doctor Who prints has now closed. 

We had an incredible response, with hundreds of entries from fans in the UK, North America and beyond. The scenes and moments nominated spanned every season and Doctor, from William Hartnell to Jodie Whittaker, and choosing a winner was a really difficult task.

We based our final decision on what we felt was a truly iconic moment, beloved by fans, and a description that was both personal and moving.

The entry we chose came from series 2, episode 13, ‘Doomsday’, when the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant, says goodbye to Rose at Bad Wolf Bay. This scene was nominated by a number of fans, and if you were one of them, we’ll send you a £50 gift card as a runner-up prize before the collection launches on Boxing Day. We’ll also be giving everyone who entered the competition a £25 gift card as a thank you for taking part. 😊

The winner is Katie Sims from Wiltshire, England! Katie summed up the episode in a way that we felt beautifully encapsulated what it means both for her and for many Doctor Who fans.

This was Katie’s entry:


The moment of true devastation for the Doctor. The moment when every Doctor Who fan was sitting on the edge of their seat with tears in their eyes (I know I certainly was). The moment in which Rose Tyler and the Doctor were lost apart from each other, forever.

The fact the Doctor is burning up a star to keep a crack in the universe open just to say goodbye properly makes this scene so eye-wateringly romantic yet devastating. The image of the Doctor gazing out to the audience, a single tear rolling down his face, shows him in one of the most vulnerable and truly emotional states we have ever seen. The Doctor can love.


It was just such a fantastic piece of television. The emotional connection between the two actors was like fireworks and really brought tears to fans around the world.

I was eight years old when I watched this episode for the first time and I really felt that I understood what it would be like to lose someone. You really felt the sense of loss and inner sadness from the characters which we feel when we lose someone we truly love. It was relatable and completely believable - the desperate need in wanting to hear the Doctor say those words to Rose that we never heard.

This image represents not just what the characters were feeling, but what everyone watching at home was feeling too.


Great job, Katie!

The main collection will launch at the end on 26th December. In the meantime, we still have some copies of the first ever official print featuring David Tennant available. The prints are part of a numbered edition of 100, and no more will be released once these sell out. 

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